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Text Toggles

Text toggles provide an easy way to hide content until the visitor is ready to read your messages. There are two parts to any toggle: the title (the bit you click) and the content (the bit that is hidden).

You can use the Text Toggle block to set up simple toggle:

If you want more control you can use shortcodes. These let you add headers, paragraphs, lists, links and images to the revealed content. The basic format is:

[toggle title = "Read More"]Lorem ipsum dolor sit…[/toggle]

There are three attributes you can add to the shortcode: icon, show and border

[toggle title = "Read More" icon=on]…[/toggle] adds a plus/minus icon to the left of the title

[toggle title = "Read More" show=h3]…[/toggle] sets the HTML tag for the title

[toggle title = "Read More" border=on]…[/toggle] adds a border to the toggled content

Here are some examples

Plain and simple

With an image

With an icon

With an icon and border

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