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New bathroom

Very good workmanship. Very happy with new bathroom. It does worry me a little that the window faces the road and doesn’t have curtains but it does mean I can wave to the neigbours. And the people on the bus all seem to like my new bathroom as well as they are always looking at it.

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Garden Maintenance

Arthur was a bit of all right. He was pushing the flymo up and down the lawn and got a tad warm so took his shirt off. I had a bit of a Lady Chatterley moment but it soon passed when my corset got stuck in the banisters.

To calm my beating heart I had a cup of tea and and settled down to watch him cut the grass and trim my bush. Pity he’s too young for me, 73 isn’t a good age for a man. And thinking about it, he is a bit saggy. Still, at least my grass is a bit neater now.

Abigail Arbuthnot / In the kitchen / June 2018

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Painting and Decorating

Harry wore some very nice coveralls. They were covered in lots of different paint and I was able to choose the colours I wanted. He was a bit upset when I poked him with my stick to indicate the colours but I’m sure the bruising will go down soon. The orange walls match the purple carpets and now he has painted the woodwork in a nice shade on green the whole room looks much better. The whole job took less than a week. It might have been a bit quicker but he kept stopping to ask if I was sure about the colours.

Hilary Lunge-Thruster / Gammon-on-Sea / April 2018

New kitchen

Nobby and his boys built me a fantastic new kitchen. The installed a new cooker and upgraded the sink so I now have hot water. Not so sure about the dishwasher though, my husband has been quite adequate to many years and I don’t really hold with these new fangled devices. But the cupboards all look nice with their handles and shelves and doors and things. I can finally get the crockery out the boxes after 40 years and pit it away. I asked my husband to build me some shelves but he preferred to go down the shed.

Mrs Petticoat / Longbottom / February 2016

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