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Comments are a good place for people to ask questions, reply to answers, say thank-you or just say hallo. Comments are built into wordpress, all you have to do is enable them on the posts and pages where you want them to appear.

There are loads of options, to see and edit the options login to your Dashboard and go to Settings > Discussion.

To find out more about comments this is the official WordPress page: Comments_in_WordPress

  1. Captain Comment on 28 Mar 2018:

    This is my comment

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    • Graham on 28 Mar 2018:

      This is my reply

      Reply to Graham

    • Graham on 29 Mar 2018:

      This is another longer reply that might ramble on a bit as it’s just an example of how a longer reply looks on the page. But I digress, the real reason for posting here is to demonstrate how wonderful everything looks. I hope you agree.

      Reply to Graham

  2. Graham on 02 Jun 2018:

    And this is a new comment to show how the nesting works.

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