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The homepage widget displays a block at the top of the homepage. It’s a useful place to introduce you and your business but to honest it’s not that important. People will be visiting your site because they want something. The homepage showcase does just that on it’s own. If they want to find out a bit more about you then an ‘About Us’ page does that.

However, if you want to add an introduction to your site you can do this with a widget. The one on this site has two parts: text and a Call-to-action:

The text widget is no different to any other, you add a title and some words and save the result.

The CTA widget is a bit different. It allows you to add a phone number and a link to your contact page.

To add these to your own site go to Appearance > Widgets.Look for the Homepage Top widget area and add the CTA firt and the text widget second.

If you want a background image go to the Customizer and open the Header section and you will see the Homepage Header Background option and an opacity slider.

The colours in the CTA widget are set in the Customizer Colours section

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