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The Tradesman Theme has a built in testimonial creator and manger so customers can leave their feedback.

There are three testimonial components:

  • The Testimonial List. All your testimonials listed in date order. Add a list to your testimonial page using the Testimonial block. See example testimonial.
  • The Testimonial Creator. Where your clients can add their words and rate your services. Try it yourself.
  • The Testimonial Editor. A dashboard function when you can moderate and edit the testimonials you receive.

Each testimonial can have a title, content, author, location, date, link to a project page and rating. This is what the testimonial editor looks like:

Testimonial editor

You can add a featured image to each testimonial. It will display to the left of the content and link to the project page (if you have one set up).

If you do have a project page you can display the related testimonial on the page using a Testimonial block with the testimonial ID. The ID is shown on the editing page (see image above).

See example Testimonials Add a Testimonial

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